What is Microdosing?

When you hear of taking Psychedelic Magic Mushrooms your first thought might be somebody tripping out at a music festivals, but the world of microdosing couldn’t be any more different. Microdosing psychedelic magic mushrooms have been a growing trend that involves ingesting a tiny amount of psychedelic substances such as dried psilocybin mushrooms or LSD. Generally, a microdose amount is about a tenth of a recreational dose and non-hallucinogenic that can be taken day to day.

Who Microdose Shrooms?

Microdosing has been gaining popularity around the world and used by a wide range of people of different ages and different professions including doctors and lawyers who want to better their mental health. This phenomenon has been extremely popular in Silicon Valley where this best-kept secret is used as a “hack” to get ahead of the competition. In fact there is a whole microdosing subreddit community of over 100,000 users that are dedicated and passionate about the topic and swear by the benefits psilocybin and how it has changed their lives.

What are the Benefits of Microdosing Magic Mushrooms?

Microdosing magic mushrooms have a wide host of benefits such as better mood, focus, empathy, creativity, self-efficacy, energy and more as seen in this chart:
microbenefitsThere are thousands of reported cases where it has helped users, who have lived with these problems for years, reduce anxiety, addiction, and overcome depression. Many of these users have tried everything from the big pharmaceutical companies but nothing ever permanent . The drugs would only offered a temporary solution and merely a band-aid over an ongoing problem. These same users reported when they started microdose magic mushrooms daily it changed their life forever. The evidence is so strong that Johns Hopkins Medicine has opened up a new center for psychedelic research in 2019 with $17 million from donors. Several studies have already shown treatments can help also help treat obsessive-compulsive disorder, PTSD, and eating disorders. Psychiatrists at Johns Hopkins University have also found that mushrooms can help with smoking cessation, and another study found it can assist with alcohol dependence.

This magical pill has done wonders for people around the world and has changed countless lives.  It’s no wonder microdosing has exploded in popularity. With mental clarity, leads to a better mood, better relationships, and can lead us to live better overall lives. With all the touted benefits its no wonder people view this as the magical discovery that has unlocked and empowered them to live life to their fullest potential and have them feeling like a superhero.

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