There has been a relationship between psychedelics and meditation for the longest time. Both got western attention in the 1960s. For a long time, both of them were associated with hippie movements. Though meditation slowly made its way to the mainstream, Psychedelics were not legalized and were pushed underground. Nowadays, meditation sessions are offered at the gym and spas. There are apps, such as OMG and Headspace, you can use to get what was hard to get 50 years back. You had to travel to India to get meditation.

Later, Psychedelics came back to the spotlight because of their therapeutic benefits. Of course, Psychedelics had not wholly disappeared. Many spiritual folks pair psychedelics and meditation. They have paired them for many years. However, new legitimacy has been granted to psychedelics as various studies have verified their effectiveness. They were discovered to have positive outcomes in everything, for instance, treating PTSD and depression, increasing creativity and happiness. It won’t take long unless other substances such as Psilocybin are made legal and available in abundance instead of CBD oil.

Psychedelics are referred to as an enlightenment shortcut that should be achieved through meditation. It takes a long journey to get to transcendence or ego-death if you use meditation. But some people believe that it is only the required discipline that will make it last. On the other hand, psychedelic can create the same results in one eight hour journey.

Comparative studies have been conducted to check the brain scans of people taking psychedelics and compared them to those in a meditation state. The studies indicated the same default mode network (DMN) changes of the brain. The DMN is the section of the brain that people plan and self-reflect. It is a crucial part, but it is more active for people suffering from depression and other mood disorders. It means that those people may have an imbalance of negative thoughts and feelings towards themselves.

Positive effects of Psilocybin

The University of Zurich recently conducted a study on the psychoactive compound found in magic mushrooms called Psilocybin. The researchers engaged 40 meditation experts who took in a five days wellness retreat. On the 4th day of the retreat, the participants took either psilocybin dose or placebo. The researchers used the neurocognitive measurements to show that the positive effects of Psilocybin increase with mindful meditation. Also, the adverse effects associated with psychedelic experience reduced. They found out that Psilocybin increased intensity and incidence of self-transcendence nearly without any anxiety than placebo.


Longer Lasting Results of Psilocybin

A survey was conducted four months later; people who were administered Psilocybin had higher self-acceptance levels, empathy, and social functioning. The researchers say the reason was because of the higher intensity of the meditative experience caused by Psilocybin. The report indicates that psychedelics and meditation can work together to enhance each other positive effects. They seem to be the perfect match.


How to Integrate

After conducting a psychedelic trip, mindfulness and meditation are among the top recommendations by the researchers to integrate the lessons learned. During meditation, you only need to focus on the gained insights and apply them in your daily life. It can be as little as starting a daily walk routine to reevaluating behavioral cycles that can cause damage.


Meditating While Tripping

Suppose you Meditate while tripping can lead to a too profound experience. Therefore, if you have not meditated before your trip, it is not the right choice to start your meditation during it. Meditation requires a level of discipline and practice. On the other hand, a psychedelic tripping supports in inducing a meditative state.


The Perfect Match

The study showed that psilocybin effects were profound on those who had a meditation routine. Therefore, it is useful to start today because it is crucial to your body and mind. Taking a psychedelic trip deepens and maintains your insight experiences. Besides, the enlightened feeling you experience during the trip can be put near future meditative contemplation. Both meditation and psychedelics affect the DMN in various ways that enhance internal peace and insight feelings but in moderately different ways. Therefore, this proves that meditation and psychedelic make a perfect match.


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