Amidst a health care system that is in total disarray and staggering cases of drug addiction, most Canadians and American’s are frantically searching for alternative treatments. The Covid-19 pandemic has worsened the situation by forcing governments to isolate their citizens, thus triggering widespread cases of loneliness, fear, and insecurity. Loneliness, anxiety, and insecurity are key ingredients of a mental health crisis. The Canadian and United States government recently reported that there had been a drastic rise in the number of mental health medication prescriptions in the last year. In the face of turmoil, lots of Canadians and Americans are increasingly venturing into the world of shrooms and psychedelics as an alternative means of mental treatment. Most people think that psychedelics’ consumption is a casual affair and, therefore, have a habit of consuming psychedelic drugs without any supervision. The truth is that consumption of psychedelics is much like taking a flight. People travel by air daily, and it is usually safe, but when things go wrong, people are advised to follow the flight crews’ instructions to avoid several dire consequences. In Psychedelic medication, trip sitters do what flight crews do in an emergency. They offer guidance.


What Is a Psychedelic Trip Sitter?

‘Psychedelic trip sitter’ is a term that is often used to refer to individuals who administer psychedelic therapies. Fundamentally speaking, a trip sitter’s core responsibility is to take care of a psychedelic therapy participant’s physical, private, and security needs with utmost care and acceptance. Research has revealed that a trip sitter’s presence, objectives, suppositions, actions, knowledge, skill, attitude, and intuition, basically his or her entire state of mind, body, and spirit, has a significant impact on the outcome of psychedelic therapy. Most people presume that magic mushroom trip sitters must have conventional medical training because of psychedelic therapy’s clinical nature. However, the truth is that anybody can work as a shroom trip sitter. There is no recognized framework for administering psychedelic treatments. Therefore, individuals from various professional backgrounds are free to venture into the world of the trip sitting.


What Do Trip Sitter Do?

Competent trip sitters often facilitate a participant’s passage into conscious awareness, with utmost presence and veracity towards the participant, guided by scientific and medical knowledge. Psychedelic trip sitters do not act as interventionists. Instead, their mandate is to provide safety and comfort without interference. A good trip sitter can establish a bond with the participant, promoting trust, comfort, and safety assurance. In situations where the participant displays a non-ordinary state of consciousness, a psychedelic trip sitter is expected to remain calm and firm. It is a vital requirement that all trip sitters must be embodiments of human warmth. Displays of warmth towards the participant are crucial in creating a strong sense of steadiness in a psychedelic therapy setting. Psychedelic therapy’s success depends on the trip sitter’s ability to adhere to all guidelines and be well-informed about the psychedelic medication in use. Psychedelic trip sitters must have complete trust in the process, their skills, and the participants. According to Karen Cooper’s Psychedelic trip sitters manual published in 2014, trip sitters must have an innate appreciation for human suffering and must fully comprehend the power and value of human ties.


Why Is It Important?

In the ‘Art of Being A Healing Presence,’ James Miller suggests that trip sitters’ ability to approach various situations as considerate and supportive individuals is more important to the psychedelic outcome therapy than the modus operandi employed in administering the psychedelic therapy. Psychedelic trip sitters are expected to bring their uniqueness, authenticity, charm, and complete presence to the psychedelic therapy process. Studies have revealed that for trip sitters to remain effective, they must identify their projections and stop transferring those projects to the participants. Any trip sitter must acknowledge the existence of a mystical terrain, mainly because their core role is to provide a starting point in an otherworldly terrain and gently persuade the participant to be calm and focused on the experience.



The more a trip sitter wakes up to what is around them and within them, the more likely it is to remain firm and supportive throughout a psychedelic therapeutic process. Trip sitters should not desire specific outcomes for the participants. Instead, their job is to allow, safeguard and bring in that which naturally happens while the participant is in a non-ordinary state of consciousness, induced by the effects of the drug. In an article published in 2017, Phelps outlines the benefits of a trip sitter to the psychedelic therapeutic process. Shrooms trip sitters must possess six fundamental abilities: empathy, trust, spiritual wisdom, self-awareness, integrity, and expertise in contemporary methods of administering magic mushroom therapies.


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