A bad trip is defined as a period of intoxication from a hallucinogenic drug. Why a trip? It is so solely because one’s perception or point of view of the universe changes in quite a dramatic way that it can almost feel as if they have taken a trip to some mystery land. One can hope that the experience will be a pleasant one. It, sometimes, turns into a not so good scenario. Now that is what is referred to as a “bad trip.” Even though it is common for such unpleasant scenarios to happen, the experiences can sometimes be funny and interesting. So here are a few tips on how to avoid bad trips on magic mushrooms!


Do Not Attempt to Self-Medicate

With the many myths and misconceptions revolving around self-medication when you’re having a bad trip, it is paramount that one realizes that the more drugs one resolves to take, the worse they end up feeling and never the other way around. It is, in our opinion, paramount to realize that you cannot quench fire with fire. One cannot try reverting the fact that they are having a bad trip by trying other drugs such as alcohol. These drugs will end up giving you more feelings of anxiety and uncontrollable depression. It is wiser to you seek immediate medical treatment whenever you feel like the situation you are in cannot be put under control. Do not just wait for the worst to come about! Do not attempt to self-medicate.


It is Not Real

Perhaps this is more of a reminder then it is a tip. As much as those hallucinogenic drugs will make you feel uneasy, they can also make you have thoughts that seem real. Hence, keep in mind that everything you experience after the consumption is just unreal and is a result of the drug. The truth is if those things you’re probably experiencing after the shrooms were real, they would be happening even when one is not in the influence of the drug. Not trying to dismiss the fact that some of those hallucinations may seem real, but the truth remains that they are just that- hallucinations. Hence, you should treat them as such.


Take Care of Your Physical Needs

Eat and stay hydrated. You have probably been overactive, and your sugar levels might be pretty low, thus lowering your moods. You need more fluids. Finding something to eat may seem very difficult due to your current situation. Just try to find something, even if it’s something light like some yogurt or pudding. Just eat something and drink water. It helps. After that, it is paramount that you find a suitable place to rest. Sleeping might be quite difficult, but just lying down and resting can do the magic trick for you. Some music also while you lie down has overtime proved to be quite calming too. Not loud music though, Please rest!


Find Someone to Connect With

Finding someone to connect with at that time when you are experiencing those bad trips is gold. Do you know what’s better? Finding someone who understands what you are going through. It can be very difficult to communicate what you might be going through but just letting them know that you are having a bad trip could be enough. Find someone who is sober. Someone who will not overreact and act surprised by your situation. That is why someone who is under some drugs also is not going to be the best option. He or she is likely to instill anxiety in you and make you feel even worse. Someone who can sit around with you can be very helpful. Do not try to go off on your own as that’s a bad idea. Find a small group of people or just one person to talk to. Better yet, find a trip sitter!


Be Safe!

Ensure that you stick to places that will not jeopardize your safety. Stay away from places and situations that might lead you to hurt yourself or get hurt. Always stay in the familiar zones, away from heights and traffic. The fact that you will be under the influence might give you false confidence to try out something that you have not been able to in the past, don’t listen to such impulses.


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