Psilocybin Mushroom and LSD belong to a wider group of psychedelics known to alter human consciousness. These two compounds are the most studied in that category. This article aims to look at the similarities as well as differences of these two compounds. Let’s begin;


Psilocybin occurs naturally in magic mushrooms, especially in the Psilocybe Cubensis varietyLSD or Lysergic-acid-diethylamide’s origin can be traced back to 1938 when a chemist named Albert Hoffman synthesized it from the Ergot fungus. It is also referred to as

Methods of ingestion

There are numerous ways that mushrooms can be ingested. You can take them dried/raw, as pills, infused in tea, and as edibles (gummies and tea).

LSD comes in the form of tablets, capsules, liquid, or as a powder. It can either be ingested via the mouth, injected into the veins, or snorted via the nose. A popular way to take LSD is by applying it on a small piece of paper that dissolves when put in the mouth.


Users can easily develop a tolerance for both psilocybin mushrooms and LSD over time, thus requiring a higher dose to attain the same results as before. You only require a small amount of LSD to achieve a psychedelic effect.

Unfortunately, LSD’s potency and purity varies depending on the manufacturer and the method used to make it. That’s why there is a significant amount of people who report having bad trips with LSD than with psilocybin shrooms.

What is the onset time, and how long do the effects last?

With psilocybin magic mushrooms, you can expect the effects to kick in 45 minutes to one hour after consumption. The effects last for four to six hours, depending on several factors, with the peak coming at around 2-3 hours into the trip.

LSD’s effects can be felt within 10 to 40 minutes. At around two hours, the effects intensify as they reach their peak and remain in this state for five to seven hours. The trip lasts up to 10 hours.


Consumers of LSD and psilocybin have reported different positive and negative effects after taking the two compounds; some are mild, others moderate, and a number can be adverse and potentially fatal. Below are some of the effects you can expect, although it varies from one person to the next.

  • Altered sense of time
  • Auditory, olfactory, and visual hallucinations
  • A feeling that things around you are moving, melting or breathing
  • A newfound sense of connection
  • Spiritual awakenings
  • Being increasingly open to new ideas
  • Paranoia and psychosis
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Elevated heart rate
  • Numbness, tremors, and sweats

The psychedelic experience

Although you can expect the same type of effects from LSD and psilocybin, each offers a unique psychedelic journey meant for different people. While the former solely offers a cerebral-centered trip, the latter is known for its life-altering whole-body experience.

An LSD trip is characterized by a burning desire to socialize and finding ways to offload excess energy. In contrast, a magic mushroom trip holds the consumer in an introspective state that leads to mental healing and spiritual awakening.

In general, a psilocybin shrooms trip is geared towards questioning and answering the grand metaphysical mysteries of the world. In contrast, an LSD trip seeks to temporarily shut the user from negative feelings or thoughts.

LSD’S experience is superficial, while psilocybin offers a more life-transforming experience characterized by spiritual awakening and mental healing and clarity.

How to ensure you have a good trip

One factor that you should take into consideration during an LSD or psilocybin trip is the ‘set and setting.’ Always ensure that you are in the right state of mind and that you are in a safe environment with reliable people and you can trust in case anything unplanned happens.

Take away

Though LSD and psilocybin are categorized as psychedelics, they differ when it comes to the onset of the effects, the duration, and the overall experience. While LSD provides temporary relief from negative thoughts and feelings, psilocybin’s effects are more permanent.

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