The mushroom cultivation process is relatively simple with few requirements. The process also includes properly drying them and correctly storing them to maintain their potency and aesthetics. In most cases, most individuals do well in the first two stages, growing and harvesting, then fail to store them properly.

Every stage is essential, and everything should be done correctly. Having a passion or creating a personal relationship with the mushrooms is always motivating to do the right thing. It is always exciting and self-satisfying when the process goes smoothly.

Magic mushrooms are made up of more than 90% moisture content; hence can go bad quickly. This makes the storage process very challenging if you have no background information on how to go about it. If not correctly handled, mushrooms lose potency, decompose, and even get damaged physically.


How to Store Fresh Magic Mushrooms

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Freshly harvested shrooms can only stay fresh for about two days in a refrigerator. But you can keep them for an extended period, even more than a year, when properly dried and stored. The storing process of fresh mushrooms is not as challenging as it sounds when you have the correct information.

Depending on the sources, about storing mushrooms, you have access to, there are several ways you can dry mushrooms. Here is how to correctly dry magic mushrooms before storing them.


Drying Magic Mushrooms

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As mentioned earlier, you can store magic mushrooms for an extended period; up to a year or more. This is usually important when you have large harvests and need to store them while looking for their market or for future use. Note that the slightest moisture content can decompose them.

Drying shrooms does not require a lot of heat. You cannot use an oven to heat the mushrooms because they are susceptible to heat. Excessive heat leads to loss of potency, and you may end up baking the mushrooms instead of drying them.

Before drying them, begin with the pre-drying, where excess moisture is taken out. The second step requires a dehydrator, desiccant, or any other drying equipment. This equipment ensures that all moisture content is driven out to obtain “cracker dry” shrooms. When properly dry, magic mushrooms snap on the slightest twist. All of the shrooms we sell are professionally dried so you can safely consume it or store it without easily having to do anything.


Freezing Magic Mushrooms

Freezing Magic Mushrooms

You can go one step further past drying if you want to secure your mushrooms or feel like drying is not enough. Properly dried mushrooms do not necessarily need freezing, but you can do it for the sake of being sure. It does not cost much to make sure your harvest is safe.

To freeze magic mushrooms is relatively easy because no complex equipment is needed. It is best to have a zip lock bag where you place shrooms before placing them in a freezer. Dehydrated and frozen magic mushrooms can stay for several years without decomposing or losing potency.

Note that fresh mushrooms cannot be frozen because they will lose potency. Freezing fresh mushrooms destroys their cell membrane. Generally, the greatest threat to magic mushrooms is moisture, insect infestations, or exposure to excess heat and light.


Take Away

There are many different methods to safely store magic mushrooms. Be sure to weigh the pros and cons of each and choose the storage method that suits your needs best.

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