Silicon Valley is one of the most productive places globally, housing some of the greatest minds. The place is swarming with bright, eager, and hardworking individuals aiming to come up with the next innovative, unique, and revenue-generating idea that will bring forth millions, if not billions in profit. With such pressure, the tech-savvy individuals have turned to psychedelics, specifically psilocybin from magic mushrooms, to help boost their productivity.

The tech culture has been known to adopt several hacks over the years to help counter the mental and emotional labor that comes with the job. Microdosing Magic mushrooms is a new and fast-growing trend that started several years ago. The users do not take the psychedelic recreationally. Instead, they take minuscule doses that help solve intellectually demanding problems, harness creativity, and maximize their efficiency.

How do they do this? Microdosing on magic mushrooms involves taking a tenth of the typical psilocybin dose. This dosage is too low to cause a psychedelic trip but effective enough to lower the users’ stress, help them attain their full potential, and relieve them of different levels and types of stress. The microdose is taken once every three or four days.

According to the magic mushroom consumers, the low doses have helped them take their game to the next level. The question running on most people’s minds is if this is real or just another scam…let us look into the anecdotal evidence from consumers and what scientific research has revealed on the benefits of magic mushrooms.

Do Magic Mushrooms boost creativity and productivity?

Anecdotal evidence

Joe Rogan, a comedian, and famous podcaster, is a huge advocate of microdosing shrooms. According to him, magic mushrooms support mental calmness and acuity.
Canadian-based documentarian John Andrew took small doses of magic mushrooms for a couple of months. The shrooms provided him with immense clarity, focus, and positivity. Within six months, he felt like he was maximizing his potential, thanks to the small doses of shrooms.

Scientific research findings

A study published in 2019 in the National Center for Biotechnology Information website indicate that microdosing on magic mushrooms and LSD did help in enhancing focus and productivity two days after taking a small dose.

Another pre-registered study conducted by researchers from York University and the University of Toronto recruited current and former microdosers of magic mushrooms and LSD. The participants were provided with a set of questionnaires that centered on open-mindedness, wisdom, mood, dysfunctional attitudes, and negative emotionality. Additionally, they were subjected to unusual tasks that measured their creativity levels. The study results showed that compared to non-microdosers, the former and current microdosers scored higher on mood, creativity, wisdom, and open-mindedness. They had lower scores in measures that tested dysfunctional attitudes and negative emotionality.

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Take away

Avid magic mushroom microdosers, especially those based in Silicon Valley, swear by its effectiveness. Could it be the solution to unlocking our full potential? The limited scientific evidence available seems to support this claim. However, there is a need for more large-scale studies.

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