Canada Shrooms Dispensary has some exciting news to announce to our growing shroom community:
When we started this company we wanted to share mother natures amazing gift with the world and all its life-changing benefits. We firmly believe Magic Mushrooms should be affordable and accessible to everyone.
Because of your continued support, we are one step closer to our goal as we have been able to lower our prices quite significantly. We have been working hard to negotiate better volume pricing from our trusted farm network which means we will be passing on the savings directly to you and continue to do so as our costs go down.
Every one of our shrooms is carefully sourced from local reputable growers here in BC and tested to ensure they are safe and of the highest standard.
Canada Shrooms Dispensary is Canada’s most trusted shroom dispensary and we will continue to bring you one of the largest selections of magic mushroom products delivered quickly straight to your door.
We want to thank you again for all the continued support, every single review has helped us tremendously and allows us to move forward to sharing this amazing gift with the world.
Mush Love,
Team at Canada Shrooms Dispensary
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