Customer Testimonials

At we get that customers need a quality product delivered to them safely and discreetly. Don’t forget that we too are mushroom connoisseurs! So we always put ourselves in our clients’ shoes to understand what keeps them 100% satisfied. No surprise then that we have a near perfect 5-star rating.

Check out some of our customer reviews:

I was hesitant about buying shrooms online, cause I was scared of being scammed. But the staff were very reassuring and tracked my product all the way until arrival. Keep it up guys!

Reilly from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I’ve tried out several online services for shrooms. Have to say, these magic mushrooms are the best of the best. Their staff are very friendly and their product is excellent. Will certainly reorder again and again. Thanks.

Matt from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

The service was great and I was impressed by their fast delivery. Needless to say the shrooms worked as expected. Awesome trip. I recommend the chocolate chonaut, really delicious.

Charlie from Montreal, Quebec, Canada

After ordering I was pleasantly surprised by how discretely they handled my product. Overall I score them 10/10 and would definitely buy again.

Denver from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

I love taking my Spore Wellness microdose with lemon tea. Really looking forward to my next order. Easy 5 out of 5 stars!

Anonymous from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Battled with depression, anxiety, and ADHD for years. Tried countless numbers of prescription drugs to elevate them, this has worked better then anything. Ordering was easy and the product arrived within days. Would recommend to anyone!
Kelly from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada