Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it safe to buy magic mushrooms and microdosing products online?

A: YES! Compared to buying mushroom products from your “shroom guy” it is far much safer buying online. We ship our products using reputable couriers and follow internationally accepted best practice. Not only are our products of the highest quality, they’re also discretely packed in odourless vacuum sealed parcels. Once dispatched, your package is tracked all the way to the designated collection point.

Q:Can the mailed package be intercepted by the police?

A: NO. Police are barred from interfering with your mail by the Post Office Corporation Act except in circumstances where national security risk. To date, there hasn’t been a single arrest or recorded interference with shrooms sent via mail. Moreover, we’ve handled thousands of online orders across Canada and not a single client has gotten into trouble with the law.

Q: How trustworthy is your site?

A: Yes! We source our magic mushrooms from reputable growers who are go through a rigorous selection process. Being mushroom enthusiasts ourselves, we sample and test all our products to ascertain they meet the highest quality standards. For avoidance of doubt please read our customer reviews.

Q: Who qualifies to buy mushroom products on your site?

If you’re over the age of 19 (21+ in Quebec) and living in Canada, you can buy on our site. We have a very strict policy of not selling to minors and do not make exceptions.

Q: Do I have to be legal age to buy from your site?

A: Yes! We are very strict when it comes to selling to minors. You must be at least 19 and over 21 if ordering from Quebec. We require a Photo ID such as a drivers license, passport or any identification document issued by the government.

Q: Can I order mushrooms outside of Canada?

A: Unfortunately, we only process and ship orders within Canada’s boundaries.

Q: What are Magic Mushrooms?

A: Magic mushrooms are wild or cultivated mushrooms containing psilocybin, a naturally-occurring substance that has psychoactive and hallucinogenic characteristics. There are more than 75 species of magic mushrooms, which can be hard to tell apart.

Q: What is Micro Dosing?

A: Microdosing means taking tiny doses of psychedelic substances so as to enjoy benefits such as improved creativity, emotional balance, as well as boosting energy levels and sharper thinking. Microdosing means you enjoy these benefits without going into a full psychedelic trip.

Q: Is my privacy protected when ordering mushrooms online?

A: We understand the need to maintain discretion when handling customer orders, that’s why we use nondescript prepaid envelopes or plain white boxes when packing your merchandize. The packages are also vacuum-sealed and bubble wrapped to maximize discretion and keep the contents fresh. You’ll also receive a tracking number to help you track your order.